flaunt-it* decoration

If you want to sell, let, or just show off your property, then flaunt-it*: let us make the best of your home.

Formed by Daniel Gil Díe and Steve Winney, flaunt-it* offers a “hands on” painting, decorating and styling service which bridges the gap between renovation and interior design. It also supplies and oversees trusted contractors working in other areas such as flooring, plumbing, tiling, plastering and carpentry. It can manage your property too if that’s what you need.

Steve formerly ran a successful graphic design company before forming flaunt-it*, and now advises clients on colour schemes, decoration and buying furniture and art for their homes. Daniel is a qualified engineer who has been working in the construction industry in the UK and Spain for the last four years. Working together, they co-ordinate different projects elements and sub-contractors to ensure that projects run to agreed time-scales. They have an eye for detail and are always concerned to achieve the highest level of finish.

By drawing on Steve and Daniel’s extensive “creative circle” flaunt-it* can also commission bespoke pieces such as furniture, ceramics, soft furnishing, sculpture and artworks for those special projects.

We respect the environment you live or work in: you will find us tidy, considerate and careful with your furniture and possessions at all times.

We don’t just do big jobs. From freshening up paintwork before selling or letting to achieving a stylish new look for your entire property, flaunt-it* is the place to come for outstanding quality at competitive prices.

Call or email us for more information:
Steve: 07930 473 222

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