I am dain

and these are my thoughts mostly on technology



Pangolin Co-housing

Open website

A nascent co-housing group with the intention of building community housing in Hackney around the principles of sharing.

Open source

Handlebars language syntax package for Sublime Text and Atom editors

Open Github repository

The most fully featured Handlebars.js language syntax library (to my knowledge) which is amongst others also used for syntax highlighting on Github itself.


Open Github repository

A script that converts output from Guard-Jasmine to the XML format used by JUnit. This allows for running tests on continuos integration servers like Jenkins, complete with test reports!

It’s using Guard-Jasmine with PhantomJS, a nice mix of convenience and high fidelity headless browser environment, also reusable for real time test evaluation in your development environment.


Open Github repository

Lets you set up a Guard that will run Steering whenever a Handlebars.js template is added / updated.

The reason this Gem was born is developing a HTML5 based desktop application which relies on static compilation. Still wanting to get the benefit of having fast Handlebars templating, precompilation is now done development time instead of loading the templates and letting the full runtime JS do the work.


Open Github repository

A simple script to scrape statement data from Smile Bank’s online banking interface for manual exporting.

Get Bookmarklet on the project page: http://daaain.github.com/SmileBankStatementToCSV/

Just log in to Smile and once you’re on a statement page (works for both current and older ones) click on the bookmarklet.

In a few seconds after getting the statement data and converting to CSV it shows a jQuery Fancybox with the text preselected, so you only have to press ctrl + c / cmd + c and paste the exported data into your favourite texteditor.


2012 | JSSoundRecorder – Javascript sound collector and music maker

Open website

The result of London Music Hack Day 2012. A foray into Web Audio, Web Workers and Binary Blob / File URL APIs, all coming together into a live sound recorder, a sound editor and a simple sequencer, enabling you to quickly record some sounds around you and play around making some simple loops with them.

2012 | Balance Projector – experimental personal finance web app

Open website

An experiment in using Google’s awesome Angular.js framework. It’s a learning project both in using Angular.js and saving user data locally.

2010 | Granimator – iPad wallpaper app showcase

A now offline wallpaper showcase website built for Granimator iPad app, where users can upload their creations. Built with Ruby on Rails and includes doing some of the work on the backend API for uploading wallpaper images from the iPad app.

2008 | Flaunt-it – interior decorating company portfolio

Open website

A company website for Flaunt-it build in Flash, with a dynamically generated grid of projects. Try reloading the page to see a different layout every time!

2007 | David Fettes – nature photographer portfolio

Open website

A portfolio website for David Fettes, showcasing his breathtaking nature photos. Built with Flash, giving a lot of love to transitions and small animations.